Peter Sumaruck Announces His Retirement

Inventor, Pete Sumaruck Announces His Retirement – To those of you who have participated in the development of Peter Sumaruck’s Zero-Amp Technology, Inc. power production system and this website, since 2007, we are announcing Pete’s retirement. Pete has worked diligently under extreme conditions to bring his technology to the public, since it’s inception nearly 30 years ago. Sumaruck isn’t your average inventor – he is an iconoclast, and his is the most life-changing invention of any of our lifetimes.View new applications of this technology, below. ***

Pete’s route was made unusually difficult by interference, ratcheting up to acts of sabotage by agents and agencies of the United States Government since 1991.

Our government in all seriousness, does not want to encourage new technology. The U.S. Government is too adept at making money, facilitating giant corporate money-mongers, at the expense of 99% of Americans. Pete’s advice to young inventors, “Take you inventions to other countries; I know for a fact you will be welcomed by the world.”

What does Pete’s invention accomplish – his Zero-Amp Technology creates unlimited electrical power without fuel and without any pollution, ever. Once a power unit is turned on, it will run for 30, 50 or with new applications, forever – it just keeps on powering homes, factories, university campuses, free water desalination – no more polluted oceans, no more polluted rivers – and the beginning of reverse climate change.

But the U.S. Government does not want to stop climate change. If they did, they would not have been harassing Pete Sumaruck – after the two most recent incidents in the last two months, the number of attempts on his life is up to 20.

Now that Pete has sold his licensing rights in more than 100 countries worldwide, he has made it a matter of principle to not sell his technology to the U.S. Government.

Pete says, “I want you to be sure to say that my previous website was removed by this corrupt Nazi U.S. Government.”

You may visit information from  my previous websites, to connect to archives of some of the articles formerly on this site – take special interest in…                                         but there will be no more new articles here on Pete Sumaruck’s technology.

Pete told me, “Char, take down the website; I don’t need it any longer. I’m going fishing.”

Original text of Main Page:

Peter Sumaruck Creates Unlimited New Electric Energy

Zero Amp Technology – what does it mean –Peter Sumaruck’s invention and his company Zero-Amp Technology are named for his technology’s key concept – Mr. Sumaruck puts in milliamps (less than an amp) of power, or zero amps and gets back out thousands fold. This is the marvel of Peter Sumaruck’s invention.

What is it and what can it accomplish.

Peter Paul Sumaruck is the most acclaimed inventor of our lifetime. His invention creates unlimited new electric power without the use of fuel, and produces no pollution whatsoever. Mr. Sumaruck has more than 30 patents pending, thus showing the U.S. Patent Office acknowledges that Sumaruck’s invention does not incorporate perpetual motion – perpetual motion is an anathema to the Patent Office.

What can Zero-Amp Technology accomplish – Zero-Amp Tech can power any task, large or small (from a hair dryer to an entire city); Pete says, “Eventually this technology will power everything – you know, I could power Hoover Dam.”

I replied, “I know you can, but to make that much power, there would be no need at all for Hoover Dam.”

That’s because Zero-Amp Technology energy is created on site, whenever and wherever electric power is needed. This is virgin power, so no need for transmission towers or lines. However, it would be a simple task to power up to 8,500 homes in a community. The homes are attached one to another only by a fine wire (doorbell size wire). View the article on this concept in the “Research” section (from the old website). This concept was approved by the United States Army – and perfect for any new housing development.

Results – What Does Zero-Amp Technology Produce

A 65kW Zero-Amp Technology production system can power an entire home of 2,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. or a factory and an entire community. No more fires in engine rooms on large ships, and no more polluting our oceans. Zero-Amp Technology can now accomplish tasks that had previously been considered too expensive like powering all data servers for free – this alone could be the raison for ZAT – and desalination or drilling for water. It will now be inexpensive to turn deserts into fertile fields.


If shorelines worldwide are in danger of elevating to encroach on the land, excess water can be desalinated and used for agriculture.

Does California have a drought – some see droughts as a Biblical phenomenon, or actually a man-caused occurrence – no matter the cause – now there is a practical and inexpensive remedy. US Government expectation is for great loss of life but that is totally unnecessary.

From the previous website:

This is not Science-Future, but Science-Present – In articles on this newly reinvented website, readers will find details of this technology which are happening right now. Pete Sumaruck is currently powering entire homes with these energy production units. This means that a home can be completely off the grid. The size of the unit is comparable to a furnace/air conditioner but powers everything in the home without a plugin. This means that the cost of power comes only from the cost of the technology, and continues to operate for 30 to 50 years (the typical life of a building). How can Mr. Sumaruck make this claim – because he has units still running now for more than 25 years.

How can this be. For one reason, Pete Sumaruck is the only man in America to run motors at cool or ambient temperatures – rest your hand on one of the power units, no heat. And heat is a major reason for the shortened life of other motors or generators.

Also, Sumaruck’s power units are closed-looped (meaning power systems keep on going). And they display overunity (meaning more energy coming out than going in), thus disproving the laws of thermodynamics.

Pete Sumaruck creates new electric energy.

For questions or comments contact the information officer:


To find out who took down the original Zero-Amp Tech website, read the first article in the “News” section – titled “The Work Goes On” in

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